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06/15 Meet up with my cat
06/16 Go out on a picnic with my cat
06/17 Have a party with my cat.
06/18 Give my dog a bath

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  it's all about you
for the past 2 months you start to ignore me until now. by now my heart is seriously dying because of you. i know how you really hate me. you left me for no reason. only because of that girl. have you ever think what will happen to me next? have you ever think that i will never stop loving you? you disappointed me ! how would i possibly still love you? because it's all God's work. who will punish you? He will. by now you should have known that i remain love you like i used to. it's just that maybe i'm not deserve to have a good looking guy like you. 
  Just a night :'(
i don't know what is the problem i'm facing now. but surely i'm so stressed and worried. i can't think anything. all i know now is you. i'm scared of you're hurt because of him. i just love you. i wanna take a good care and always be there for you. ONLY YOU. why must now he come back and tried to ruin everything in my life back ? i'm trying to be happy with you because you're the one who i want and need. if you're here in front of me,i will tell how much i love and need you in my life. i will not let people hurt you. you're not the one to be blamed on this. you've always been there for me all this moment. you're always there to give me support and strength to go with my life. you're always there to be my brother or best friend. now i need you to be there as my life. please don't go. i really need you. i will never be able to let you go. like how much you love me now,the more i love you. like how much you don't want me to go,the more i don't want you to go far from me.
"te quiero amor mio" :'(
  What a Day
Hari ni aku hangout dengan kawan2 aku. Hari ni jugak banyak menggamit kenangan aku yg lepas dengan ramai sangat org yg aku sayang. firstly,lalu depan snooker aku ingat situ la first time aku jumpa dengan dia. then karaoke,kami nyanyi lagu yg pernah aku nyanyikan dgn ex aku. like seriously hati aku sayu sangat. lalu depan roller teringat adik kesayangan aku sebab dia suka main roller. aku taktau nak kata la hari ni aku happy atau sedih . yes i'm happy but i have that sort of feelings kinda remembering all my past memories. i'm no longer with those past memories cuz i got you now. i really love you. whatever going to happen i will hold you tight in my arms and never let you go bie. I LOVE YOU <3
  not a second passed by without you :)
Hari ni aku happy sangat. lepas sebulan tak dapat tgk dia finally hari ni dapat jugak. he's so cute. i still miss him now. today i really felt his love towards me. seriously he's full of care on me. i wish to have you in my life forever. haha. I love you so much <3
  where are you ?
Bie,like seriously i'm getting to miss you like hell and fuckingly missing you . where are you ? i'm so worried if a day passed by without your news. i've been trying to contact you but you didn't reply. are you not feeling well ? please answer me. i just want to care about you because i love you and i will never let you go. i want to always be there for you. yes it's you. you're my everything now. my day would feel so long if you're not here with me. you make me smile for the whole day only just for a single text. seriously you've just turned my life into wonderful life back. i really need you before and now plus forever. I love you. <3
  I lie awake i miss you :)
Hari ni,semalam dan semalam aku happy sangat. kawan2 pun sedar aku lebih happy dari dulu dan aku dah kurang merungut. i'm happy because of you. everyday i could just simply miss you. can't wait to see your naughty face. hihi. my very dark and empty life had just turned brighter and much crowded because of you. why crowded? my heart are now never filled with lots of tears or scars. i hope so. i really hope to manage this relationship well. really hope that i'm not gonna lose you. i've been waiting for you for a long time. now i've got you and make sure my heart is only tied on you. a simple 3 words "I love you" is just for you the only man in my life. a single text from you can already make me smile for a whole day. how special you are in my life. i miss "morning syg ^_^" from you. <3
  Think of you
Bie,i'm sorry. i can't bear my life without you now. please reply me back. if only you know that i'm worried about you. i can't have my night peacefully. i'm thinking of you all daylong. hoping you're gonna tell me what's wrong. i really miss you. please bie. i can't live without you. i've waited for you for a year. now i got you. i'll never let you go. i miss you bie. it's only 2 days and i can't bear it . :'(

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