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06/15 Meet up with my cat
06/16 Go out on a picnic with my cat
06/17 Have a party with my cat.
06/18 Give my dog a bath

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  It's not just 30th July 2009...
"30th July 2009, this date is actually the most special day in my life. wanna know why ? it's the day of me and my first love having a relationship. for the FIRST TIME in my life. we were in standard six and that was quite naughty right ? but i know i love him and so do him. we're not having that relay as a game in our life indeed now i have another guy who's already 16 but can't think wisely like others.  first love is hardly to forget even i have him. he can't love me like my first love do. he can't be patient with me like my first. enough of this English essay." :)
kalau nak dikirakan hari ni sepatutnya dah setahun 3 bulan aku dgn dia. tapi apakan daya. dia tak sygkan aku. i'm not hoping for a return but what the hell did i do till he can just leave me like this ? wouldn't that be so fucking stupid ? kalau aku syg dia lebih dari segalanya pun tapi ni je balasan baik tak payah kan. at least aku pertahankan jgk hubungan yg dah kami bina tapi dia takde la kan nak buat mcm tu. i know he only think a girl is only a diapers and can be thrown whenever he finished using it. oh my . what a fucking jerk ?every second i give my love to him but what do i get ? first love memang layak digelar cinta yg perfect. now memang aku sedar laki pertama yg aku syg tu la aku harapkan jadi laki terakhir aku syg dan berharap dia lah jodoh aku. dia terima baik buruk aku dan tak pernah mintak aku utk ubah penampilan atau ape2 je yg aku buat. that's how real love do. that day of 3rd June 2011 is not a good day. 2 days before my birthday and i fell in love with a guy that i hope can give me his love and attention. hell yeah i've made a very wrong thought about him. his honesty onto me is not 100%. i do everything he ask me to do. even leave my nerdy glasses. that's my look,is it wrong for me to still wear it ? lepas kenal dia aku jadi lagi runsing and everything. makan malas. sometimes aku stressed sampai makan berlebih2.. luckily tak dapat darah tinggi kan.. kalau tak memang menjejak maut je la aku ni... harapkan dia.alahai.. penat la.. aku syg kau la Ikhmal. kalau perempuan yg mengaku syg kau tapi tak nak hidup dgn kau memang la takkan tegor kau sepatah pun... kau suka perempuan mcm tu memang aku tau lama dah... kau kan handsome,ramai perempuan nak... lain la aku... syok sendiri je kat kau.. sape la aku ni nak jadi org yg kau syg sgt2? bukannya lawa gila sampai semua laki nak... aku cuma mampu bagi kau kasih sayang & perhatian je... kalau boleh aku nak bagi kau kesenangan tapi nak buat mcm mana.. kau dah tak nak kt aku kan... susah jgk... aku bukan la happy pon kau mintak putus tapi aku taktau la ape perasaan kau time kau mintak putus.. i'm sure you're jumping whole over like a devil.. aku nak ungkap putus dkt kau pun aku tak sanggup walaupun kau tipu aku.. sabar je sebab aku syg kau... tapi apo nak dikato kan? den belajo semuo ni pon dari ekau la jugok. bukan senang nak dpt laki handsome ni. kau la laki paling cute pernah aku dpt sampai ayah aku pun ckp kau handsome tapi kalau pemalas takde guna jgk. darling you're doing to me a simple JAHANAM STYLE. seriously i like it a lot. muah :*

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